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Intertype autocentric

Today I was all by myself in the museum and had time for our 1936 Intertype. The quadder caused problems, the jaws were all but stuck, and the machine stopped in casting position from time to time. Matrix transfer didn’t go very well either. So I got 5 hours of intense work, and since this machine is completely unknown to me (and my experience of a Linotype 20 years ago), it probably took a little longer (it took me e.g. 20 minutes until I understood how to set the jaw width – Ouch).

Here’s what I did: Disassembled and cleaned the first elevator head, lubricated with graphite and reassembled, checked for ease of movement (video) and found the guide grooves had a decent chip, removed it with emery cloth, reassembled (lost the small plastic friction plunger and searched on the floor).

Then removed the complete vise mechanism (according to the handbook and sweated until I understood how our machine differs from the manual). The jaws could only be pulled out at all with a mixture of patience, brute force and benzine. The mechanism was dripping with oil and heavily clogged with dust-oil-graphite-lead dirt. Several sliding surfaces had decent burrs or real hacks. More emery cloth. Everything reassembled and lubricated with graphite powder and runs great, left, right, centered. Now I should almost do it again and let the camera run.

What is missing (as you can also see) is to pay some attention to the delivery slide, but I was too tired for that.